Frequently Asked Questions

WedZem is the first and only online crowd-funding wedding registry solely focusing on wedding costs. It is an extremely easy way for you to collect your guests' monetary contributions and to have the wedding you've always dreamed of without having to get into unnecessary debts. WedZem also creates a dedicated url address and a QR-Code for all bridal couples allowing them to share detailed information about their special events (locations, directions, accomodations...).

There are two ways for your guests to access your wedding wish list. You can either invite them to do so (through an E-mail that you can send straight from the administration section of your WedZem Registry Account, giving them your QR code or sharing your personalized URL) or they can simply search your wedding on WedZem.us using one of your two last names. A majority of our bridal couples though decide to take advantage of our privacy feature, which makes their event only visible to their Guests. In such case, your guests would need to contact you directly and have you send them the information via your WedZem Registry administration page.

Absolutely. An email will be sent after each contribution. You can then easily connect to your account and thank your guests individually for their generosity.

WedZem was created by a bridal couple who experienced first-hand how increasingly difficult organizing a wedding can be. One of our major goals is to make your experience and your guests' experience as easy, enjoyable and stress-free as you would want it to be. You can communicate with them and thank them directly from our website with a personalized e-mail. A list with all your contributors' information is also available.

At any time and as often as they see fit, the bride & the Groom can ask for a transfer of all or part of the money available on their escrow account.

If your contribution does not show in the registry, or if you didn't get a confirmation e-mail from us within 24h, please let us know by contacting us at hello@wedzem.com. We will correct this issue for you promptly.

Yes. You will receive a confirmation email shortly stating that your participation was processed. If you do not, please contact us at hello@wedzem.com

Just send us an email to hello@wedzem.com and we will close this account for you immediately.