Create your Wedding Registry

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What is a WedZem wedding registry?

WedZem offers you to create a personnalized and unlimited wedding registry for your special day. It is not just another wedding list. We offer a real crowd-funding opportunity to all your guests to help you with what you need the most: to avoid starting your life with each other with amazing wedding memories ... and unecessary debts.

How does it work?

You create your own online WedZem registry filling-out the above form. This will give you unlimited access to your your Couple's Page where you can arrange and descrive all items you would like to collect contributions for. Your Guests will then be able to determine the amount that they want to spend and the item(s) towards which they want to spend this amount. A contribution only takes a few minutes.

Innovative and extremely convenient: If you and your fiancé(e) already live with each other, this crowd-funding typre registry is an ideal solution. It can help you fund your entire wedding or it can be used as a second, less traditional, registry choice that will allow you to be able to afford a better photography package or to rent a nicer transportation between the ceremony and the reception locations for instance! You can also find some information on the planning of your wedding or a selection ofwedding suppliers on our website.